A native of Turkey, Ipek Eginli is an experimental electroacoustic sound artist and improviser who describes her music-making as “a process of a creation and a creation of a process”. Her ever-evolving creative process involves electroacoustic improvisation on piano, voice, and modular synthesizers. Currently, she is working on her debut album to be released in June 2024, combining granular synthesis with elements of extended voice techniques and prepared piano. In 2023, Ipek was awarded a residency at the Westben Centre for Connection & Creativity in Canada and also received the Reiser Atlanta Artists Lab grant from the Alliance Theater as the lead artist for the multimedia project “Hold on To Your Names,”. As a contemporary classical music pianist, she has performed solo, chamber and orchestra concerts at various venues in Turkey, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and in many cities in the US including New York, Boston, San Francisco and Atlanta for over two decades. Ipek is the founder and director of a piano academy in north Atlanta and holds a doctoral degree in piano performance from the University of Georgia.